I’m honored that you are taking time out of your day to stop by and visit me!

And, since there are quite a few new people visiting here, I thought introductions might be in order.

I’m Rosalyn. I’m so glad you’re here!

A little about me…

I’ve been married to my best friend and husband for almost 19 years.

We have four lovely daughters, ages 11 through 17.

I have lots of hobbies, and if you’ve spent any time here on my blog at all, you’ve probably caught on that reading is way up there on that list! 🙂 (sometimes I get a little carried away with reading, I know…) I am mostly an introvert, but my husband is not…and I think he’s helped me to do better with some of my tendencies! But I do love spending time alone. (I also love spending time one-on-one with friends.)

Other hobbies…well, I also enjoy baking, cooking, and occasionally sewing and gardening… I love spending time with my husband and daughters, and just love it when we can do stuff together as a family.

I love chocolate. And coffee. And cheesecake. And ice cream.

I suppose you could also say that eating out and trying different restaurants is a hobby. My hubby and I don’t get to do this as often as we’d like, but it’s always fun when it happens! 🙂

Life has a way of making us older, and I’ve come to the realization that I have to limit my intake of some of my favorites more than I’ve had to in the past. :/ (did that even make sense! 😉 Yes–I’ve had to clean up my eating lifestyle! I prefer not to use that diet word… 🙂 ) Last year I hit a big milestone, age wise…sigh…and realized that if I wanted to have more energy and feel better, I’d have to do something about it! Change was required. (In case you’re worried, I do still allow myself to indulge in ice cream occasionally, though!)

I also love traveling. I have dreams of doing world traveling, some day…! Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, and yeah, there’s more! 🙂 I also enjoy traveling here in the US, and love seeing all the beautiful sights closer to home.

Last year my husband and I were so privileged to be able to go visit Israel. It was absolutely incredible to be there, and to know that we were walking in the land where Jesus spent His time here on earth. Now, when I read my Bible, I see everything in a new light!

We are blessed to be able to live out in the country. We are in a very rural area, in the heart of the midwest, and in the middle of farmland. Our home, is in fact, just across the fields from the very place my husband (and his father) grew up! It’s great being able to live so close to family.

If you don’t know me at all, you might be surprised when I tell you that we are Mennonites. My husband and I both grew up in this culture. I don’t often mention this on my blog, because our denomination is not what it’s all about. (Our church does strive to follow the New Testament as much as possible.)

More important, is Jesus, and following Him. I’m so thankful for all Jesus has done for me!! My desire is that I could be more like Him.

Along with being Mennonite, my ancestors were in fact Amish. My grandparents left the Amish church when my mom was just a young child. But I’ve grown up with this culture, and in fact, the Amish language, Pennsylvania Dutch, is the first language I learned! 🙂

Now. In spite of that, or maybe because of it, we are still very much normal, down-to-earth people. We live life mostly the same as other Christians here in our country.

I enjoy a wide variety of things. Not only in reading, but also in conversations and discussions. I try to keep up with what’s going on in the world around us, but sometimes life can get so busy that I don’t always get that accomplished.


A one-sided conversation really just doesn’t feel like much of a conversation at all! So…I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 Tell me about yourself, I’d love to get to know you! You can leave a comment here or send me an email at allofakindmom@gmail.com

I’m also open to questions about our beliefs, lifestyle, etc., but can’t necessarily promise that I’ll have answers to all of them! 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by! and have a wonderful day!




4 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Very enjoyable post. I am an identical twin . My sister is 14 minutes younger than me. We have an older sister.I always was extremely shy,still am some. My hobbies are reading,historical ,history and Amish books are my favorite. Love reading children’s books,especially the old ones. Genealogy and watching The Mets,Knicks,gymnastics,ice skating,diving and my favorite team The Baltimore Orioles. i am learning sign language and can knit. Collecting dolls and books are a vice for me. Favorite foods,chicken with all the side dishes and chicken noodle soup.

  2. Hi Rosalyn! So nice to meet you! For the record, I love these kinds of posts, mostly because I love hearing peoples’ stories 🙂

    I’m Hannah. I live with my husband and three young kids in Brisbane, Australia. Like you, I love baking, chocolate, reading, am an introvert, and can’t think of anything better than a day out with my family. Or just hanging out playing trains, Lego or baking with my young son while his sisters are at school 🙂

    I’m also a writer and my first book, a YA princess novel titled Heart of a Royal, is being released in two weeks. Which is mostly super exciting (and just a little bit terrifying!). It’s been a really incredible journey to this point and I’ve loved all the people I’ve met along the way. So cool the way technology these days can bring us all together.

    Thanks for your posts!

    1. Hi Hannah! Thanks for visiting and commenting! I am hoping to read your novel very soon!! My daughters love princess stories, and I am fairly certain they (along with me) will enjoy this one!!

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