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Book Review – Where I Was Planted

Where I Was Planted by Heather Norman Smith

In the spring of 1961, ten-year-old Nate “Weenie” Dooley has a revelation-his father is not a good one.wiwp51Cgan10QTL._SY346_

Inspired by National Geographic, his favorite thing next to the Bible storybook his mother gave him before she died, Nate plans to leave his father and their home in the Smokies to set out on adventure.

When he discovers that his father has left him first, it will take the help of a stray dog, some kind neighbors, a one-man-band, letters from a long-lost-aunt, and a new understanding of God to figure out he isn’t really alone.

Will he find that Copper Creek is where he’s always belonged? Or will his wanderlust keep him from ever coming back?

My Thoughts

This is a heart-warming story that will have you thinking about life and small blessings, way after you finish reading the last page.

Taking place in the 1960s, this is all about Nate Dooley, who is a very independent young kid. He’s had to look out for himself basically ever since he can remember. He takes a hold of your heart and hangs on as you read his story.

Nate is a young boy, just turned 11, and he’s on his own. He keeps this a secret for a little while. But then, some of his friends and neighbors discover that he’s living alone, and they want to step in and help him. In the meantime, he’s discovers letters from an aunt he didn’t know existed, and it is decided it is best all around for him to go visit his aunt.

Determination, courage, and other character traits are depicted in great detail in Nate’s story. As I read, I rooted for him, and cheered his ability to care for himself, and yet, longed for him to be able to find love and a place to belong.

These are things we can all relate to, as it is a basic human need, a deep longing we all have — to love and be loved, and to belong.

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