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Book Review – Like a Winter Snow

Like a Winter Snow by Lindsay Harrel

C51HPKArtlGLozy up with this charming and uplifting romance all about unexpected love, true friendship, and family loyalty. Set during a Christmas-time wedding among the falling snow, this sweet story will warm your heart.

Women’s counselor Joy Beckman has always been a friend and helper to all. That’s why she’s given up everything to be with her parents as her mother suffers through Alzheimer’s. Joy may not have a thriving career or a love life at the moment, but she’s doing what she does best—taking care of others. And even though it’s difficult, she knows it’s where she is supposed to be.

But life throws a curveball when she has to leave her parents temporarily to travel to Cornwall, England, for the December wedding of her best friend. While there, Joy helps Sophia tackle her last-minute to-do list, and in the process, finally meets a man who turns her head—and her heart. The only problem? He lives in snowy London, and her life is with her parents back in sunny Florida.

She tries to resist Oliver Lincoln’s charms, but it’s harder than it should be. With her heart torn in two, Joy is forced to choose between a life she knows she’s meant for and the one she didn’t see coming.

Fall in love with this enchanting romance that’s sure to delight fans of Rachel Hauck, Autumn Macarthur, and Alexa Verde. Even if you have not read The Secrets of Paper and Ink (where the quaint village of Port Willis was first born), you can fully enjoy this heartwarming holiday novella.

“A romantic Christmas story set in beautiful seaside England? Yes, please! Lindsay Harrel’s Like a Winter Snow is the perfect mix of depth and charm. Joy and Oliver are so likable and relatable—and together, they’re just plain adorable. Plus, I can’t help but love that they’re a little older than your average hero and heroine. From the Christmasy atmosphere to moments both swoony and poignant, I loved this story…and I know readers will, too!” —Melissa Tagg, Carol Award-winning author of Now & Then & Always and the Walker Family series

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed reading this short and sweet Christmas love story.
One thing I really liked was that this book allows you to get reacquainted with the characters from The Secret of Paper and Ink.
This time we get to see Joy’s story.
She’s had a hard life, she’s done all she can to care for her parents, and is convinced that that is all that life has for her.
Then she goes to England for her friend Sophie’s Christmas wedding…and…exciting things begin to happen!
It’s a novella, so it is short and sweet, I would’ve loved having the story go on for a bit longer. But in spite of it’s shortness, I still enjoyed it!
Such a sweet and charming Christmas story.
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1 thought on “Book Review – Like a Winter Snow”

  1. I finished this novella yesterday and enjoyed it. I haven’t read The Secrets of Paper and Ink but it made me want to.

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