GIVEAWAY (now ended)

Updated to add: This giveaway is now closed.

Because it’s Friday, I’d like to do a special giveaway!

Recently I shared a post about a memoir, A House with Holes by Denise Broadwater.

Today, I’d like to give away ebook copies of this book.


If you have a kindle (or the kindle app) and would like a copy of this book, please leave me a comment below! (this giveaway is open today only)

You may wonder…why am I doing this giveaway? Well, you see this book has really been a challenge and a blessing to me, and I’d love to share that with someone else!

To read more about this book, you can look it up on Amazon, or click on my link above to take you to my review post.


Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY (now ended)”

  1. I love having books to read on my Kindle…… Especially ones that have been reviewed by someone I trust….no unpleasant raunchy surprises. Thank you Rosalyn!

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