So many things. So much unexpected. So much crazy.

Even as recent as a week ago, we had no idea things could get like this. (bear with me as I go off a bit….I know all of us had heard way more about a pandemic, about COVID-19 then we’d ever have wanted to)

I mean, I’d heard of the coronavirus before last week. Who of us hadn’t?! But…it was something out there. It was far away, it wasn’t going to touch us.

The first idea we had that things might change….when, last Thursday, (I think…everything is kind of a blur, and running together…) our governor announced that all schools in our state must close for three weeks.

What?! SAY WHAT?!

And then, it really began.

You see, in many ways, our lives can remain untouched by what is going on out there.

And then, it hits close to home.

Everything changes.

And we realize that….what once seemed sure, small details in life, are really not that sure at all.

Things we’ve always taken for granted are suddenly not even available anymore.

Things like toilet paper. Paper towels. Paper napkins.

It just feels like a very strange place to be living when you go to WalMart and half the shelves are empty.

It has made me realize how much I truly have been blessed.

My life can mostly go on as normal. Yes, our girls are at home, doing their school work (thankfully, the teachers are still in charge of this, and I can observe and hear some of what they’re learning, and don’t have to do any of the actual hard work of teaching).

We have plenty of food stored up. Ingredients to make what we need.

And, for the most part, I have been able to buy what I needed when I went shopping.

But, everything feels just a bit unsteady. Shaky. And oh so uncertain.

We read so many things on the news. First, we read one side. (the coronavirus is deadly, many people will die) Then we hear the other (the coronavirus is a mild strain of the flu, it is not very deadly at all, take your vitamins and stay calm).

And from our own personal experience, we really have no idea which side is being the most truthful, we can only form our own opinions by what we can see.

It has made me so grateful that we do know who holds the future. Our God is the all powerful one. And although we don’t know what lies ahead, He does!


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