Wondering Wednesday

Wondering Wednesday – Why did I start blogging

Question of the day:

Why did I start blogging?

I’m trying to remember if I’ve talked about this before here on this blog. For some reason it feels like I might have.

But, for those who are new, I’ll say it again.

Initially, I started this blog as a place to have an outlet for thoughts about life. Family. Jesus. Other various things. (way back when, I used to have a xanga page, but then that phased out…) And then, I kinda forgot about this little corner and it went neglected for awhile.

As social media became a part of my life, I started thinking about this blog… And I realized I could use my blog to share about some of my favorite things, books in particular…really good ones I’ve read and want to tell others about.

So that started taking this page into a new direction.

I’ve always loved reading, and am thrilled to help others find new books that they might love. And…it seems like such a small thing to do to help my favorite authors–telling others about their wonderful new novels. When I started doing book reviews, I felt like I’d found my place for this blog. And now, I find myself posting very little about other things.

Blogging can feel a bit strange. It’s hard to know how to find a balance. I don’t mind talking about my life, to a certain extent. But, then there’s also the sense that I don’t want to share everything about my family in such a public place. And the older my girls get, the less they want me to tell humorous stories involving them online… 😉 And I do want to honor that.

And now, a question for you — what do you like to read about on a blog? Or, more specifically, what would you want to read about here on my blog?

If you have a question for a future Wondering Wednesday, please leave me a comment!

Sometimes blogging feels like talking to nobody. And other times it feels like you’re putting words out there for way too many to see.


Thanks for visiting my blog, and Happy Wednesday!

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