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Book Review – Afraid of the Light

Afraid of the Light

Afraid of the Light

by Cynthia Ruchti

Clinical psychologist Camille Brooks isn’t put off by the lifestyle of her hoarding clients. After all, she lost her mother to the crippling anxiety disorder. She’ll go a long way to help others avoid the same pain and loss.Despite Camille’s expertise, her growing audience for her Let in the Light podcast, and the national recognition she’s gaining for her creative coaching methods, there are some things she isn’t prepared for. A client who looks far too much like her mom catches her off guard. And the revelation that she’s also hoarding something sends her spinning.

Can she stand to let the light into her own life with the help of a friend who wants to stand by her for life and the God who created and loves her? Or will she find that defeating her demons proves too much to bear?

My Thoughts

This book is just so, so good. In a very hard way.

It speaks so deeply of hard things in life. This is a story of hoarding.

Cam is a psychologist and uses her own life experiences to help others, hoarders.

This story shows us two different people who are addicted to hoarding. And then it also shows us people who have a past history with hoarders, and have their own baggage from those wounds. How they use those hurts to help others.
Cynthia Ruchti has given us a beautiful story with so much light and hope woven into the extreme darkness.

Even though I personally have no experience whatsoever of hoarding, I found it such a God thing that this story was such a powerful tool in my own life.

But that’s how God is–He uses many, many things. Things of all kinds of shapes and sizes, all kinds of words, to speak to our hearts. Things that seem quite unlikely when we first look at them. This book made me take a look at my own heart and ask myself hard questions.

What am I afraid of? What am I hoarding?
This is a story that will stay with me for a very long time.
It offers hope where we least expect to find it.

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