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Book Review – The Secret Sisters Club

The Secret Sisters Club

by Monique Bucheger

Ginnie and Tillie have a plan……to become real sisters.But do they each really want the same thing?Ginnie’s widowed dad would be perfect for Tillie’s mom. These twelve-year olds aren’t afraid to do some match making. Operation Secret Sisters could let them live together and every night would be a slumber party. There’s just one problem.Dad doesn’t want to marry again.Friends since Ginnie’s mother died when she was three, the two girls think they have the same goal, but Gennie starts to wonder if she really wants to share her dad.Through the disagreements, quarrels, and drama, a story unfolds of two families and the challenges of trying to co-mingle them together.Perfect for middle-graders.Adored by adults.You’ll love this Blended Families adventure, because the emotion is real and the twists keep you turning the pages. A great book one in the series that will remind you of Judy Blume and how much you enjoyed her work.Get it now.Fans of Judy Blume will love this series.

My Thoughts

This was a fun read, written for young readers, but one I also found enjoyable.
I didn’t know quite what to expect when I first began reading…
Not quite along the lines of “The Parent Trap”, and yet there are a few similarities…
Ginnie and her friend Tillie agree to do Operation Secret Sister Club. Tillie has long wanted Ginnie’s dad to be her own, and Ginnie wants Tillie as a sister.
What happens along the way? What about when their parents discover what is going on?
Humor, fun, some dramatics and more are all found in these pages.
When Ginnie finds her mom’s journals and starts reading them, she feels like she finally has a connection with her mom.
I also enjoyed reading the parts the horses play in this story. There’s just enough horse details to add some fun for horse lovers.
This is a clean read. And because it is a story about pre-teens there is some bad behavior depicted that might be typical for that age group. The author does well at portraying good, solid families, and are behavioral issues can be dealt with in positive and loving ways.
I think this is a story that will resonate especially with girls between ages 10-13.
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