first line friday

First Line Friday

Things We Didn’t Say by Amy Green

I just started reading an ARC of this amazing debut novel, and I had to share the first line with you. My original intent was to also share it’s beautiful cover here, but for some reason, wordpress doesn’t like my version of the image file, and isn’t letting me post it here, so please click on that link above and go see it for yourself!

From Johanna Berglund to Charles Donohue, Attorney-at-Law

January 26, 1945

Dear Mr. Donohue,

If I were an expert in criminal law, I’d be sick to death of outraged clients claiming to be falsely accused, and especially of weepy female clients wringing their hands and saying things like, “How could it have come to this?” Which is why I deliberately avoided any of that in our initial meeting, though it occurred to me later that I might have come across as cold or detached.

And, here is the book synopsis:

Headstrong Johanna Berglund, a linguistics student at the University of Minnesota, has very definite plans for her future . . . plans that do not include returning to her hometown and the secrets and heartaches she left behind there. But the US Army wants her to work as a translator at a nearby camp for German POWs.

Johanna arrives to find the once-sleepy town exploding with hostility. Most patriotic citizens want nothing to do with German soldiers laboring in their fields, and they’re not afraid to criticize those who work at the camp as well. When Johanna describes the trouble to her friend Peter Ito, a language instructor at a school for military intelligence officers, he encourages her to give the town that rejected her a second chance.

As Johanna interacts with the men of the camp and censors their letters home, she begins to see the prisoners in a more sympathetic light. But advocating for better treatment makes her enemies in the community, especially when charismatic German spokesman Stefan Werner begins to show interest in Johanna and her work. The longer Johanna wages her home-front battle, the more the lines between compassion and treason become blurred–and it’s no longer clear whom she can trust.

I’ve just started reading this book, and I really just want to sit down and devour it today…but I better get busy and do some of my Friday tasks…

This book is available for preorder and releases November 3.

What book are you reading today? I’d love to hear your first line!

Happy Friday!

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