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Spotlight on a Series – Walker Beach Romances

Today I’d like to tell you about a fun series…the Walker Beach Romances by Lindsay Harrel

This series currently has 4 books (well, really 5, if you count the novella…). You will definitely get the most out the stories if you read them in order, but they can easily be read out of order. The last two are still waiting to be released, but I think that will happen in the next few months (I was privileged to read early copies!)

Lindsay Harrel is an author who writes fantastic and fun stories. Light hearted, and yet, they deal with some of the deeper issues in life, things we can all relate to. I’ve read and enjoyed each one of these.

Prequel – All At Once (this is available free if you subscribe to the author’s newsletter)

She loved him once—and he broke her heart.

Letting herself fall again would just be foolish.

When Gabrielle and Tyler are paired together as leaders for a weeklong kids summer camp, they interact for the first time in a decade—and she realizes the immature boy who left so long ago has become a man.

A very muscular, all-too-handsome man who still has the ability to make her swoon.

But no matter how much chemistry between them, the problem remains—Tyler lives three thousand miles away in New York City, where he runs a nonprofit he’s passionate about.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle’s heart is rooted in their small hometown of Walker Beach, California, where she takes care of the only family she’s got left.

It seems the only answer is to buckle down, ignore the sparks between them—and simply survive the week.

If only they could get their traitorous hearts on board …

  1. All of You, Always

Going undercover is Bella’s only hope.

Her mission?

Convince Ben to sell his inn, and she’ll get the information needed to locate the family she’s never known.

Should be simple, right? After all, he’s behind on his mortgage, and a recent earthquake has rocked the town—and his finances. His beachfront property is ripe for the picking.

But the big-city executive didn’t count on him being so stubborn. So rooted in family and tradition and everything that small-town America stands for.

She also didn’t count on him being so attractive and wounded and … good.

And Bella has to wonder if the ends really justify the means.

But more than that—can love survive a lie?

2. All Because of You

Madison’s plans have fallen to ashes.

Because here she is, back in Walker Beach taking over her late aunt’s hardware store . . .

. . . and falling for the gorgeous bad boy from high school.


You know—the same jerk who made Madison’s high school days a living nightmare. The one who, somehow, doesn’t remember her.

But if the sparks flying between them are any indication, this time he will.

For the first time in his life, Evan is on the straight and narrow. He’s up for a promotion and helping Walker Beach recover from an economic downturn.

But doing the right thing for the town might mean putting the woman he loves out of business.

Yep. Evan’s in trouble—in more ways than one.

And though Trouble used to be his middle name, this time there’s no easy escape.

3. All I’ve Waited For

It’s Ashley Baker’s worst nightmare.

The man she’s loved for years is getting married—and she’s their wedding planner.

She’d tell them to find someone else, but that would mean saying no. And Ashley never says no.

Derek can’t believe he still loves her. Their time apart was supposed to heal that wound. But it doesn’t matter. All that matters is saving his family’s vineyard.

And marrying Claire—not Ashley—is the surest way to do that.

If only his heart agreed with his head.

4. All You Need is Love

Shannon Baker likes the one man she can’t have.

To be fair, the day she meets her sister’s boyfriend on the California beach, she thinks he’s a tourist—a really charming tourist who understands more of her heart than people she’s known her whole life.

But Marshall has a secret. He’s actually single.

He’s only pretending to date Shannon’s sister—his co-worker—because her ex dumped her hours before a family reunion. In return, she’s promised to recommend Marshall for a promotion back in New York.

But things get complicated when he meets Shannon, a woman so unlike anyone he’s ever known. Because she’s sweet and kind and … selfless.

And, somehow, she sees something in him.

Unfortunately, being with her would ruin all his plans. Or is love enough to make everything work out the way it should?

My Thoughts…

Rather than give a review on each individual book, I’ll just say that I found this series to be a fun, lighthearted and easy read. Lindsay Harrel has a way of bringing in some deeper heart issues, things that we can all relate to, to give some depth to her characters. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite out of these, I enjoyed them all.

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