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Book Review – Sticks and Stone

Sticks and Stone

by David James Warren

Third Time’s The Charm … Or Not

Rembrandt Stone has only made things worse. This time, upon his return, he discovers his closest friendship is up in flames. Andrew Burke’s new scars reflect the havoc Rembrandt has left on his own timeline and he must go back—one last trip into the past. This time he’ll save Burke, fix his life and track down a serial killer who possess an uncanny ability to evade him through time.

When Rembrandt lands in the past and two children disappear into an epic Minneapolis blizzard, he’s in a race with time to save the children, his partner, and create a future he can live with.

Sticks and Stone—the third book in the gripping True Lies of Rembrandt Stone series—starts sprinting on page one and doesn’t slow down till the final words. Hold onto your head…and your heart.

The continuing adventures of Rembrandt Stone from the creative minds of James L. Rubart, Susan May Warren and newcomer David Curtis Warren, writing as DAVID JAMES WARREN.

My Thoughts

This incredible, crazy, absolutely outstanding, thriller of a series…it continues!

Rembrandt Stone and his time travel is about enough to drive me insane. IN a good way. 😉

Rembrandt continues to try to make his life better, and it just seemingly gets increasingly worse each time.


One thing I appreciated about this story…I think this book shows a definite progression in the thought and maturing process of Rembrandt Stone. I like seeing him trying to analzye things, do what he can to make his ‘present day’ reality better.

I did feel like maybe the action wasn’t quite as intense in this one as the earlier books. But, saying all of that, it still has plenty of action!

And it always blows my mind how these authors looked at things from every angle, trying to best show how one small change in any direction can have mindboggling consequences in future years.

This is definitely another exciting tale you won’t want to miss!!

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