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Book Review – Stone


Metcalfe Series #1

About the book

She cost him everything. Now, he’s forced to protect her.

Stone Metcalfe embodies the Metcalfe legacy—blue eyes, an unfair amount of good looks, and hardcore patriot-laced character. But a foolish lapse in judgment dismantles his name and career. Humiliated and furious, he retreats to his mountain lodge to hide from media hounds and eke out a new life. However, one phone call from an old Army buddy upends Stone’s best-laid plans.

Supermodel Brighton Buchanan had designers and men eating out of her hand until a terrible mistake trapped her in the soul-eating world of human trafficking. Years later, she is used by her captors to take down the best man she’s ever known. The man she loves. Hope lost, she’s unexpectedly freed—and thrown back into Stone’s life. Being forgiven is out of the question considering how much he hates her.

Believing danger and her trafficker are one wrong move away, Brighton will do anything to keep him from being ruined again—even if it means going back to that life. As everything is falling apart and threats mount against Brighton, Stone realizes forgiveness is the easy part. Protecting her—and his heart—is another story

My Thoughts

Wow! This is an amazing beginning to the continuing story of the Metcalfe family.
I am sitting here, trying to figure out how I can best put into words my thoughts on this story.

The Metcalfes have been favorites of mine for awhile. If you’ve read Ronie Kendig’s Book of Wars series, you already know all about Leif.
This is Stone’s story. I thought I knew a little bit about him. This story changed everything I thought I knew. You see, Stone Metcalfe had been way up in the political rankings. And then, a scandal hit him. Hard. And he decided to run away and hide, reset his life, if you will.
Now, the one person he never wanted to see again is thrown right back at him. Brighton.

Brighton is a difficult character. My heart went out to her. She’s had such a hard life.
You see, this story is about human trafficking. Brighton has been a victim of this for way too long.
She’s a victim. But she’s also the one that ruined Stone’s life.

Seeing them interact. Putting together all the little threads of their story. Getting to know more of their backstories. Wow.
I really appreciate the meticulous and in depth research Ms. Kendig did to write such a heart-gripping story.

My biggest complaint about this story was its length. I did NOT want it to end. (In fact, I was in disbelief that I’d read the last page…) Thankfully, the sequel, Willow, will be releasing sometime in the next year. And I can’t wait to read that one!
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