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Book Review – What Matters Most

What Matters Most

by Courtney Walsh

About the book

Emma Woodson is hoping the cobblestone streets of Nantucket and the charm of her late husband’s family cottage will be the fresh start she and her young son, CJ, need. Securing a dream job at an art gallery is one more step along the path to a new life . . . and away from a piece of her history she hopes will never be revealed. Falling in love with the kind and handsome guy she hires to clean out the rental apartment above the garage wasn’t part of the plan.

Jameson Shaw came to Nantucket for one reason: deliver his letter to Emma and never return. But when he sees an opportunity to help her, he takes a chance, desperate to atone for his past. He never planned to keep his connection to her husband a secret or to fall in love with her. After all, he knows that their new relationship might not survive the discovery of who he really is.

My thoughts…

I’ve just finished this book and I want to sob my eyes out.
Emma’s story is just that wrenching.
This is a story about love and loss. Betrayal, forgiveness, and second chances.
A beautiful, beautiful tale.

This story is once again, a return to the beautiful island of Nantucket. A place I long to visit someday. But…in this book, we don’t really get to see much of the island, it is all about Emma and her story.
Emma’s a widow, and doing her best to raise CJ her son. She’s determined to do everything right, to have her son know his daddy was a hero. But there are some things she’d rather leave hidden in her past.
Then Jamie arrives. She assumes he’s the answer to her prayer, answering the ad she placed. Jamie allows her to think that, and sets to work on her apartment renovation project.
And of course, you guessed it…they fall in love.
But, there are so many issues that need to be dealt with. Secrets. Realities needing to be faced.
Courtney Walsh writes characters with heart. And this story almost wrenched my heart out.
When Emma finally is willing to face painful things from the past, then is when healing can begin.

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