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Book Review – The Heart of the Mountains

The Heart of the Mountains

by Pepper Basham

Can True Love Weather a World of Differences?

To escape marriage, Cora Taylor runs away from her home in England to join her brother in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, but not even her time as a nurse in the Great War prepares her for the hard landscape and even harder lives of the mountain people. With the help of Jeb McAdams, a quiet woodcarver, who carries his own battle scars, she fashions a place for herself among these unique people. But the past refuses to let go, and with dangers from within and without, can hearts bruised by war find healing within the wilds of the mountains?

My Thoughts

Oh, this is such a sweet story. I loved returning to this mountain and these backwoods people.
It was fun catching up with Jonathan and laurel again…. But this is Cora and Jeb’s story.
Cora leaves her home in England quite unexpectedly, due to the fact that her father has plans of marrying her off to some noble gentleman, and Cora has no say in the matter. So, without telling her brother Jonathan of her intentions, she arrives unexpectedly there at his new home, in the Appalachian mountains. The people are not sure what to think of her at first. They view her with suspicions. All except for Jeb, who is still suffering from his own trauma at being in the war.
Cora had also been to the front, so it seems they have some things in common.
This is a romance, and so some things were expected, and yes, welcomed. 🙂 But the discovery of how it all happens along the way, well that is the beauty of this book.
If you enjoy historical fiction, you won’t want to miss it!
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