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Book Review – Hope Beyond the Waves

Hope Beyond the Waves

by Heidi Chiavaroli

From award-winning author Heidi Chiavaroli comes a sweeping dual timeline story that explores hope and enduring love in the midst of the impossible.

Massachusetts, 1993

After making a grievous mistake that will change her life forever, Emily Robertson is sent away to live with her grandmother on Cape Cod. When Emily finds a timeworn photograph buried in a drawer, she realizes her grandmother has concealed a secret even bigger than her own. Will convincing Gram to reveal their family history help Emily make the most important decision of her life or will it prove her parents right—that family scandal is better off buried and forgotten?

Massachusetts, 1916

Atta Schaeffer plans to marry the man of her dreams and whisk her little sister away from their abusive father. But when she is diagnosed with a dreaded malady, Atta is forced into a life of exile, leaving her sister in harm’s way.

On Penikese Island, Atta’s best hope lies with Harry Mayhew, a doctor who seeks a cure for his patients at any cost. But when experiments fail, Atta runs from Harry—and from God. Can she return to her sister before it’s too late? Or will her illness consume both her body and soul?

A testament to faith and love, Hope Beyond the Waves is the raw account of the journey of two generations of women running from desperate situations toward irresistible hope.

My Thoughts

This book gripped me and really captivated me. The setting, Penikese Island, is one I’d never heard of.

I was also completely unaware that there was leprosy in the US as recently as the early 1900s.

I was completely fascinated (in an awful way) of the process for dealing with this disease.

My heart went out to Atta and her journey.

I also enjoyed the more modern day journey, set in 1993.

Not completely unlike Atta, Emily is also facing rejection and feeling alone.

Heidi Chiavaroli has given us a beautiful story about finding love, hope, and purpose in the midst of hard times.

This book is well worth a read. It is not an easy read, but one that will linger with you for awhile, even after you’ve read the last pages.

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