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Book Review – Honoring God with My Body

Honoring God with My Body

by Katherine Pasour

About the book

With practical strategies and achievable goals, Honoring God with My Body encourages believers to seek and maintain a healthier lifestyle for a lifetime. 

Katherine Pasour’s decades of experience teaching Bible studies and health and physical education have uniquely shaped her approach to wellness. It is her goal to show believers how living a healthy lifestyle is one way to give back to the Father in service to Him. 

Honoring God with My Body is her wellness Bible study, in which she links the many dimensions of health—physical, intellectual/mental, emotional, social, vocation, and spiritual. These dimensions are interdependent; each powerfully impacts the other and overall health and well-being. When these aspects of health are in balance and harmony, the human body—which is “fearfully and wonderfully made,” according to Psalm 139:14—can achieve wellness. 

Katherine merges scriptural guidance with her knowledge of healthy lifestyle practices into a nine-week Bible study that provides encouragement for participants as they embark on their journey to wellness. Within Honoring God with My Body, readers will find an introductory week followed by eight weeks of specific focus on various topics. Each section emphasizes the interdependence of health’s different aspects and dimensions in conjunction with God’s great love for His people, explaining how His support and guidance is available to all who seek it.

My Thoughts

This book is filled with refreshing devotionals.
It gives inspiration and reminds us how to be more healthy, not only physically, but also spiritually.
Tying together Scripture passages with health conscious tips, this author has given us an encouraging and uplifting read.
I appreciated the focus on being reminded of who we are in God’s eyes. How our mental health is tied in with our physical well being.
Recommendations are given on making lifestyle changes in ways to be more healthy.
I didn’t necessarily learn anything new through reading this book, but was encouraged to continue in healthy practices.

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