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Book Review – Dangerous Beauty

Dangerous Beauty

by Melissa Koslin

About the book

Liliana Vela hates the term victim. She’s not a victim, she’s a fighter. Stubborn and strong with a quiet elegance, she’s determined to take back her life after escaping the clutches of human traffickers in her poor Mexican village. But she can’t stay safely over the border in America–unless the man who aided in her rescue is serious about his unconventional proposal to marry her.

Meric Toledan was just stopping at a service station for a bottle of water. Assessing the situation, he steps in to rescue Liliana from traffickers. If he can keep his secrets at bay, his wealth and position afford him many resources to help her. But the mysterious buyer who funded her capture will not sit idly by while his prize is stolen from him.

Melissa Koslin throws you right into the middle of the action in this high-stakes thriller that poses the question: What is the price of freedom?

My Thoughts

This storyline caught my attention from the first page.
Liliana. A victim (although she is determined to not dwell there) of human trafficking.
on the run, trying to escape.
Rescued by Meric. A man she doesn’t know.
It turns into a marriage of convenience.
They must both face lies and build their relationship.

This story is a relatively easy read. I say relatively, because it does, after all, deal with a difficult topic. The author handles it gracefully.
I loved seeing the relationship between Liliana and Meric develop.
I enjoyed the mystery, and the twists and turns the story took.
I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good romantic suspense novel.
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