Book Giveaway-Ending Soon!

In case you missed my post last week, I am doing a giveaway for Ronie Kendig’s latest book (see previous post). This giveaway is ending this week. We will be randomly drawing a name from everyone that comments on that blog post. Currently, if you commented, your chances of winning are fairly high! 🙂 But I would love to have a few more people enter. I’m glad to be able to share a copy of this book with someone else who loves to read.


Book Giveaway–Crown of Souls

Yes! I’m doing another giveaway! It’s Ronie Kendig‘s newest release, and boy is it a good one! 🙂 Crown of Souls


(BTW-this meme is not original with me, I copied it from the FB launch team page that I am a member of–I’m still learning how to do beautiful memes! 😉 )

Here’s the synopsis:

Six months after stopping a deadly plague, Cole “Tox” Russell and his team are enjoying a little rest. That peace is short-lived when a sniper shot hits Tox. The enemy is discovered to be one of their own, a rogue Special Forces team operator.

Alec King is perhaps the only person as skilled as Tox, and he’s out for justice. Furious with orders that got his men killed, he intends to make those responsible pay. And he insists Tox join him, believing they are the same breed of soldier.

Afraid his old friend is right, Tox battles a growing darkness within himself as he and his team engage in another deadly encounter with antiquity. It appears Alec is cheating–he’s using a mysterious artifact, a crown that history has linked to some of the worst slaughters in humanity. Racing to stop Alec before his vengeance is unleashed, Tox must fight the monster without becoming one.


And here’s my review:

Another fabulous, action-packed volume from Ronie Kendig! It’s like being in the middle of an action movie or a CIA episode.
I loved this book, from the beginning, to the very end. It’s one of those books that I was afraid to finish. And yet, couldn’t bear not to! (But then, that’s what I’ve found from all of Ms. Kendig’s novels)

Cole (Tox) & his team are back in another adventure; he’s in a relationship with the lovely Haven; and they are on a quest to locate an old friend, and the crown that is turning him into terrible evil! Can they beat him at his own game, or will Tox give in to the guilt that has haunted him for too long?!

Ancient history, archaeology, & unexpected twists & turns combine to make this a delightfully captivating book.

I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series!


I love action (books and movies), and I think that’s part of the reason I love Ronie Kendig’s books so much! This series in particular is excellent. Not only is there the action, but there is ancient history. And Archaeology. I cannot even imagine how one would begin to do the research that is needed to write a book like this!

What really put the icing on the cake for me–I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with the author in person!! YES! My copy of the book, (the one I’m not giving away 😉 ) is autographed to ME. Ms. Kendig was at the CFRR (see one of my earlier posts) I was at about a month ago. I was delighted to see this book included in my gift bag. 🙂

If you haven’t experienced any of her books yet, then you won’t necessarily want to start with this book. This series begins with this novella The Warrior’s Seal, (currently free for kindle on Amazon!) and then, you’ll want to read Conspiracy of Silence.

Now, back to this book–the exciting news is that Crown of Souls is officially released tomorrow! So if you don’t win this book, you will still be able to buy it or get it from your library!

And, last, but not least–this GIVEAWAY!! To enter to win a brand-new copy of this brand-new book, please leave a comment (here, on this blog post, not on facebook).–Tell me about something you read recently, fiction or non-fiction, that really impacted your life! (we are [as a family] currently reading Kisses From Katie, and I can’t wait to share, in a later post, how that book is challenging us!)

I’ll leave this giveaway open until September 15th. (This is only open to people from the US)

Cherish…what does that mean?!

I am currently on a journey through a book entitled Cherish (by Gary Thomas). I’ve had the privilege of reading others of his books, including Sacred Marriage and Sacred Influence. I highly recommend any of these!

I have been so very challenged in the reading of this book, and I’ve really just started!

Cherish. What most of us promise when we made our wedding vows. But do we really know what it means? Do we stop and take time to cherish our spouse?

A definition given in this book for the word cherish is this: to go out of our way to notice someone, appreciate someone, honor someone, and hold someone dear.

And, a direct quote, from this book “God is more than capable of teaching us and empowering us to treat and cherish our spouses the way he treats and cherishes us.”

So. NO excuses—I may not know much about cherishing, I may not understand it, and I most certainly cannot do it on my own strength, but God will be with me every step of the way!

Another phrase from the book. “Through the biblical act of cherishing, we can empower our spouses to become who they are called by God to be, and in the process to become more of who we are called to be, creating a marriage that feels more precious, more connected, and more satisfying.

Cherishing my spouse means lifting him up, doing what I can to make him look better, be better, be more of who God designed him to be. Maybe even helping him realize a part of himself that he doesn’t really know yet.

The more you cherish someone, the more joy you get out of your marriage. When you get your highest joy by giving your spouse joy, marriage takes off.”

This is only scratching the surface. I’m only ready for Chapter 4. And WOW—do I have a lot to learn! My prayer is that I would let myself be teachable through the reading of this book, so that I can cherish my husband as God wants me to.

Marriage really is designed to be a picture of God and His Bride. Which means we need to be in it for the long haul, this thing called life. God will carry us through, not only the good times, but also those not-so-good times. If we let Him, He can make us stronger, make our marriage stronger, and make our relationship with Him stronger, because of those times…

Thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear from you! And if you’d rather email (or PM) than comment here, that’s fine too.

Back to School and more…

And we are back to school. This is the second week, so we are beginning to fall back into a routine. The girls had a short week last week, and then a long weekend off, so today is only their fourth day of school. It’s time!

I loved, loved having them at home this summer. I kept thinking of the song “Mighty Army of the Young” when I’d see how the work disappeared! Yes, it does take effort! In some ways, I think it’s more exhausting, at least mentally, to have to organize and oversee this tiny army! They need so much encouragement. And motivation. And assistance! It would be great to be able to say, “hey, can you go clean up the basement for me today.” But somehow, that mostly doesn’t happen, not unless Mom is right there helping, too! 😉

What I really loved though, was that one of our girls really stepped up this summer. Prior to this year, she was the one that kind of tried to avoid the work. Not lazy, no, but she definitely preferred holding down the couch with a good book in her hand (and I totally get that–I did that way too much in my own growing up years). But what makes a mom’s heart thrill, is when they come to you and say, “What can I do to help you, Mom?!” I’m tearing up as I sit here writing this. Yes, she did this so many times this summer. I told her numerous times, “Do you know how much I appreciate it when you do that? I can’t even really express it! You are growing up SO much!” How I love her!

And then, (frequently) when the work was done, there was still plenty of time for her to go read or play a computer game, or do a craft project. But she had the satisfaction of knowing that she helped make the work load a bit lighter!

I have four girls, and lest you think I had one doing all the work, NO! They all helped. Each one has such a different personality, and they each help in their own way. 🙂 Not necessarily equally. But they are all growing up. And becoming much more efficient! I’m discovering the saying to be true, that if you really train them properly, you kind of work yourself out of a job. Of course, that’s only the one aspect of it! 🙂 (Somehow Mom’s work is never really done… 😉 )

I had my biggest canning day of the entire year this past week, and yes, it was a day when they were at school! 😦 The tomatoes in our garden are ripening very slowly this year, and so I finally decided to find some elsewhere. My mother-in-law has a lovely juicing machine that makes that whole process so much easier, and she also had tomatoes for me. So Wednesday found me at her house juicing away. She was well into the juicing of them by the time I arrived there.  I left her house two hours later with FOUR very large kettles (not entirely full, so I could transport them home without creating a mess…) of tomato juice! I ended up with 93! jars of various sizes containing tomato juice, marinara sauce, bbq sauce, and ketchup. (side note here, we have been eating mostly sugar-free, and I wanted to make sugar-free versions of these, new recipes for me, so as to have some healthier options on hand. We’ll see how we like them!) It was such a relief to have everything in jars and be done canning, no later than 10:00 that evening! The actual process of canning is not a hobby of mine, but I do like the satisfaction of seeing my shelves stocked for the winter. And I love being able to run downstairs and get a jar, and not have to worry about running out!

After doing what felt like a small batch of homemade salsa yesterday, I think we are stocked for the winter! 🙂

And now, today…I get to have a more relaxing day. I hope to spend the day chatting and sipping coffee, maybe doing a pillow cover project that has been put-off for way too long… 🙂

I also need to post some book reviews, but don’t quite have them finished…hope to do that in another post in a day or two.

What have you been doing the past week? Are you ready for the whole Back-To-School schedule? Are you ready for fall? 🙂


CFRR 2017

Last Saturday, one week ago, already, I had the privilege of going to CFRR, and took my oldest daughter along. CFRR – Christian Fiction Readers’ Retreat. I’ve been mulling over it all week. And still don’t know quite what all I want to say! I’d just like to say right off that this event, when I’d heard about it, just felt like a dream come true—a day for readers and some of their favorite authors to meet and chat—what fun!!

We’d been gone most of last week, family vacation, camping, so to think of leaving again, all day Saturday, I wasn’t sure that I was really in the mood. Our original plan had been that we’d go Friday evening, stay at the hotel overnight, but then we nixed that idea because of vacation week. I probably would’ve given it up altogether except for the fact that I’d already paid the admission fees for the two of us, and they were non-refundable.

So we decided we’d go. We had to leave home early, for a Saturday, that is. 7:00. We only had to go to Cincy, so it wasn’t too long of a drive…I think my daughter ended up sleeping a good part of the way.

When we arrived, we discovered there was a LINE out the front door of the hotel. What?! I’d had no idea it would be like this….! To give a quick mental picture—ladies, ladies, everywhere! I knew there were to be about 40 authors, plus a limited amount of readers, so maybe about 200 people at this event, and they were all standing in the hotel lobby, hallways, etc., just FULL of excitement!

Our first stop was the restroom, and to get there, we had to kind of push our way through the line of ladies, in a few different places, just to get to the restroom. (That was all the registration line) Yikes—I don’t care for crowds, just WHAT did we get ourselves in to. I (almost) felt like turning around and going home again!

So, after that stop, we went to the back of the line, which hadn’t moved very much from when we first saw it. We stood there and waited for awhile. Registration was supposed to be over at 9:00, but they didn’t quite meet that goal, I think too many of us waited ‘till the last minute! We visited with a few others waiting there. And felt sorry for hotel guests that were staying there that weekend, not involved with CFRR or having any idea of what was going on.

When we finally got through registration, we were each given a huge bag full of “swag”. Mostly stuffed with books! And then many other neat little paraphernalia items from publishers, authors, sponsors, etc.

Then we went into the designated conference room and took a seat. At this point I would’ve just liked to take the time to spread out my bag and examine it’s contents, a brief peek showed many interesting things, including one book that I’ve been wanting to read for awhile (I’ve had the kindle version, but I always prefer the actual paperback, so I was so excited to see this one—Crown of Souls by Ronie Kendig)

We were told where to find our programs, and also to look for a candle, each of which had a certain label, to divide the group into teams for the day. We found which group we needed to join, and headed up towards the front to find seats with our new teammates.

One major highlight of the day was that we were hardly seated when my new seatmate said hi, and I took a look at her nametag- Jen Turano. ??!! (I knew I’d read some of her books already…but she wasn’t listed as a participating author of the day) During a quick intermission, I was able to ask her about her books, she handed us a flyer, and Natalyn said, “Oh, I LOVE your books!” (huge highlight for her!!) Jen gave us some autographed bookmarks, which we added to our swag bags.

There were many events planned throughout the day. (Beforehand, I thought maybe, if we’d get bored, we’d end up leaving before the end. Honestly, the day flew by so quickly, we didn’t even have time to get bored!) There was praise and worship sessions, panel discussions, topics by a few different authors, lunch break, games, giveaways, and so, so much going on!

To be in the midst of a group of people with similar love of reading is incredible. As Shelley Gray stated it, “My husband thinks there’s probably nobody else in the world that loves to read as much as I do.” And yes, my husband would probably say the same about me.

At lunch we were told to get our food and find people to eat with that we didn’t know. Natalyn stuck to me, and we ended up spending our lunch time visiting with four other ladies, and had a great time visiting!

There were speed chat sessions in which about 10 of the participating authors would make circles visiting with small groups of readers, and this gave a chance to get to know them just a little bit. This was very interesting to me! (I wish we’d have had time to do a quick meet like this with each one!)

One disappointment to me is that one of my favorite authors, Dani Pettrey, who was scheduled to be a speaker, was not able to be there due to health reasons. She made a brief appearance via facetime, for a demonstration she was to have done with Becky Wade. This was an interesting session. Becky shared a peek into her whole writing experience. She & Dani had made video clips throughout the previous year, to show different phases they encounter while writing a book. It was fun and informative. And then we were all given a paper, and through the use of M&Ms, given a quick basis for writing our own novel. My combination was to come up with a historical romance set in fictional Hollybrooke, involving an astrophysicist and a farmer. (I didn’t get very far! 😉 ) Several of the authors shared what they came up with, and Wow! I know why they are writers—they had very intriguing openings—I wanted to hear their actual stories!

Like I mentioned earlier, there were lots of giveaways throughout the day.  I forgot to mention the “CFRR Stewards” earlier, but there were three ladies—Annie, Carrie, & Bonnie, (along with a  few assistants) that planned this event. They were the ones that kept the day moving right along, moderated, did the giveaways, and just made it a really fun day overall! It was neat to have all those giveaways, and we kept hoping our names would be called, but they weren’t. Because we already had a huge bag of things, we were ok with that! : )

At the end, which was after 5:00, we were finally given time to do a bit of shopping (there was a small bookstore set up in the back of the room), and get autographs! Natalyn & I were able to get signatures from at least 5 or 6 authors! It was so much fun to visit with several of them! I was delighted to meet Ronie Kendig, I’ve read most of her books, and participated in launch teams for a few of them, and it was a real treat to speak with her in person!

I also discovered that one of our other seatmates, Cindy Thomson, is the author of a book that I’d had from the library in the past year, and really enjoyed—and she also lives in the central Ohio area!

It was so, so neat, to be able to see that authors, many of whom I’ve admired from afar and loved their books, are ordinary, down-to-earth people, and I greatly enjoyed the time we were able to spend chatting with a few of them!

The ride home went by quickly as we discussed our day. I loved being able to go and spend a day like this with my daughter, chatting about books is a great way to connect, even though we don’t like all the same books! 😉

Another highlight for her was that Jen Turano was the winner of one of the giveaways, and she then turned around and gave her bag to Natalyn, “I’m flying home, so I really don’t have room for this.” (Bless you, Jen—that was very special!)

When we got home, we spread out all our stuff, I went through and figured up the value of all the books we received, and if we’d have had to buy all of them, we would have spent more than our admission was for the day! That’s how generous all the participating authors and sponsors were!!

Well, this has gotten a bit lengthy…thanks so much if you stuck with me and read all of this.We’d love to go to this event next year, but it will probably be held at another location, last year they had it in Nashville, so we just don’t know if it will be possible or not…but anyway…if you are interested in going, please check with me, it would be fun to have friends going along with us to enjoy the day!

Also, I’d love to have my daughter share about the day from her point of view, so that might be posted here at a later date!

Be prepared for giveaways here on my blog in the future. I can’t wait to share some of my things with some of you all!

August already?!

Can it possibly be August already?! Where oh where has our summer gone!

We had so many plans, things to do, things to accomplish….and it feels like we hardly scratched the surface.

Some things we did:

Cleaning, organizing, sorting out things for the thrift store.

Moving from one bedroom (shared with sister) to her own room.

Visiting family & friends out of state.

















These are only a few of the things that we worked on this summer….what felt like a nice long break back in May has hopped, skipped, & jumped right on by.

We still have two weeks left. Hopefully, those can mostly be enjoyed. 🙂

At least a greater portion of one of those must be spent sewing new dresses for school. This is highly unusual for me, I am one of those that feels much better having the sewing done early on. But first, we had to make sure we had the right fabrics on hand. Then they had to be decided on, as to who gets which one (let’s not have anyone matching anyone else, you know…). And then we had this and that and the other that we wanted to go to.

We had a stretch from the end of June through part of July where I made a trip to Indiana every.single.week. Various reasons….all important….and it’s just a short trip….but I was glad when the week came when I could say, I think we’ll not go on any road trips this week… 🙂

I will admit that I am kind of dreading the arrival of another school year. It feels like we’ve just finally gotten into a (mostly) good routine here at home, lots of work getting done in short order, no lunches to pack, no schedule, and now it’s almost over!

Tell me about your summer!

What you did.

How you managed to get the most enjoyment out of it.




Giveaway Winner!

Today’s the day! The day we draw a name to see who wins the book “My Daughter’s Legacy by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould.
Since we had nine names entered in our giveaway, I wrote your names down on pieces of paper, put them in a bowl and mixed them up. Then I had my oldest daughter draw a name out.
And the winner is

Sarah Hochstedler!

Sarah, I’m delighted you won! 🙂 And unless you’ve moved recently, I still have your current address and will get this book in the mail to you in the next few days.)

Really, I would love to be able to send this prize to each of you that took the time to enter. But I don’t have that many to give away.
Hopefully this is just the beginning! 🙂
I’d love to make this a monthly occurrence here on my blog. But I won’t make any promises I can’t keep… 😉

Happy Monday to you all!

Book Tour & Review

Welcome! To a blog tour for “The Memory of You” by Catherine West.

This is something new for me, joining in on a “Blog Tour”—it’s my very first time!  I’m so glad you stopped by, please take the time to read about this wonderful book. It is a Christian fiction novel, and it challenged me.  There’s even a giveaway involved, so keep reading!

About the Book

Title: The Memory of You
Author: Catherine West
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: March 28, 2017
Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Fiction
Thirteen years ago, Natalie lost a part of herself when her twin sister died. Will traveling back to the family winery finally put the memory to rest, or will it completely destroy her?When Natalie Mitchell learns her beloved grandfather has had a heart attack, she’s forced to return to their family-owned winery in Sonoma, something she never intended to do. She’s avoided her grandparents’ sprawling home and all its memories since the summer her sister died—the awful summer Natalie’s nightmares began. But the winery is failing, and Natalie’s father wants her to shut it down. As the majority shareholder, she has the power to do so.

And Natalie never says no to her father.

Tanner Collins, the vintner on Maoilios, is trying to salvage a bad season and put the Mitchell family’s winery back in business. When Natalie Mitchell shows up, Tanner sees his future about to be crushed. Natalie intends to close the gates, unless he can convince her otherwise. But the Natalie he remembers from childhood is long gone, and he’s not so sure he likes the woman she’s become. Still, the haunted look she wears hints at secrets he wants to unearth. He soon discovers that on the night her sister died, the real Natalie died too. And Tanner must do whatever it takes to resurrect her.

But finding freedom from the past means facing it.

About the Author

Catherine West is an award-winning author who writes stories of hope and healing from her island home in Bermuda. Her first novel, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, released in 2011 and won the INSPY for Romance, a Silver Medal in the Reader’s Favorite Awards, and was a finalist in the Grace Awards. Catherine’s second novel, Hidden in the Heart, released in September 2012, was long listed in the 2012 INSPY’s and was a finalist in the 2013 Grace Awards.

When she’s not at the computer working on her next story, you can find her taking her Border Collie for long walks or tending to her roses and orchids. She and her husband have two grown children. Catherine is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America, and is represented by Rachelle Gardner of Books & Such Literary. Catherine loves to connect with her readers and can be reached at Catherine[at]

CONNECT WITH CATHERINE: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram


Tour Schedule

Many thanks to the publisher, Thomas Nelson & Zondervan Fiction 

for providing review copies to our bloggers.

7/17 – Running Through the Storm

7/18 – Moments Dipped in Ink

7/19 – Favorite Christian Books

7/20 – Joy’s Blog

7/21 – Happy When Reading

7/22 – Splashes of Joy

7/23 – Reading is My SuperPower

7/24 – Bibliophile Reviews

7/25 – By The Book

7/26 – Reader’s Cozy Corner

7/27 – All of a Kind Mom

7/28 –  Smiling Book Reviews

7/29 – Savings in Seconds

7/30 – Heidi Reads. . .Giveaway

(1) Winner will win a gourmet gift basket + a signed copy of The Memory of You, 

courtesy of the author, Catherine West.
(US mailing addresses only for the gift basket & print book prize.
International winners will win a digital copy of the book.)

Enter here:


My Review: The Memory of You

This is one of those books that touches your inner soul. When I reached the last page, I felt like I needed time to really think about and process my thoughts on issues that were faced in this story. Thanks, Catherine West for an excellent read!

I love to read, love to find new authors, because sometimes I almost read too fast to stay in ‘reading’ with familiar ones. And yet, I have a tendency to pick my favorite authors over others.

When I was given the chance to receive an Advance Reader’s Copy of “The Memory of You” I jumped on it, and I am so glad I did! This is the first I’ve read of Catherine West’s books, but after reading this one, I will be sure and read her others!

Natalie is such a realistic, able-to-relate-to character, and I was drawn in to her story immediately. Because of a tragic accident she was in as a young teen, one that killed her twin sister, she has avoided visiting her grandfather’s ranch, where the memories are too hard to bear.

Now, it is her duty as the majority shareholder to return to the California vineyard and decide if she should follow her father’s demands that the struggling family business be closed down, or look for ways to bring back life to her grandfather’s dream, and follow her own heart.

She was unprepared for the increasingly overwhelming nightmares that would accompany her here. And yet, God led her to a therapist that was able to guide her toward recovery. A recovery that included facing her fears & events from the past head on.

Along the way, she falls back in love with her earliest crush, Tanner. Can they make their love work this time?

This book challenged me in so many ways. I want to allow God to work in my life through difficult things from  my own past, and not let them drag me down. His forgiveness and grace are always available!


Well…umm…this is new to me. (Hosting a giveaway) So bear with me as I try to learn how this all works! 🙂

You might be wondering what I am giving away. It is this book, My Daughter’s Legacy by Mindy Starns Clark!

Yes, I’ve managed to end up with two copies of it!! (And no, I didn’t buy either one, they were given to me)

First, I applied for and was excited to be given entry into a book club to promote the launch of this book.

Then, I was notified by Goodreads (as so often is the case) that there is another giveaway for a book on my shelf. (Or maybe this came first, I really don’t remember)

Anyway, I almost never win giveaways. It used to be I could say with certainty, that I never do, but I guess, if you enter often enough, you’re bound to win on occasion.

So, shortly after I finished reading my book club copy of this book, I received an email from Goodreads notifying me that I was the winner of this book! 🙂

And now I’d love to pass on my newest copy to some other lucky reader.

This is the paperback version, and if you looked it up on Amazon, you will see that their current price is $12.74.

I’ve read this book and loved it. Mindy Starns Clark is one of my all time favorite Christian mystery authors. This is the third book in the series, and I highly recommend reading the other two before reading this one. (If you live locally, I don’t mind loaning you my copies, or if you don’t you could also check your local library)

You can read my reviews on this on goodreads and on Amazon.

Finally. The Giveaway!

To enter this giveway, you must comment HERE on this post (not on facebook).

Tell me about your favorite author or book.

Due to the high cost of postage these days, this giveaway is limited to United States residents only

We’ll do a drawing either by throwing all the names in a bowl, and actually drawing one, or use a random number generator…whatever appears to work best at the time. 🙂

I’ll leave this giveaway open until the end of July. (and hope that I get enough comments to actually warrant a giveaway! 😉 )


Summertime reading

It’s the lazy days of summer….which means lots of time to read, right?! 🙂 I used to think so. I think I must have been a bit, no a lot spoiled in my growing up days. I’d spend a good portion of my day sitting around and reading books. I still love to read, but find those moments scattered here and there, in bits & pieces. I tend to get a big stack of books from the library, and then work on that stack for a few weeks or months. See, our library system is fairly awesome. Although we currently, mostly frequent our small town library, they are connected with the larger Metropolitan Library system that is spread throughout most of central Ohio. Which means we can go on our library’s website and search for a book title, and if any library has it, we can request it, and then pick it up locally. So…when I am needing books to read, I look for my favorite authors online, check out or other websites, and then see if I can find those books at the library. I tend to get carried away just a bit… 🙂 And then….sometimes they all come in, in about a week’s time. Which requires the use of a large bag to bring them all home.

And yeah, that’s just my books. The girls, well they actually do take time to sit around and read, after they have their daily work/chores finished. So they bring home stacks of books at a time, and then proceed to READ them all in a week (or maybe even less!). I think the librarians know us.

Here are just a few reviews on books I’ve read in the past few weeks/months

The Memory Weaver by Jane Kirkpatrick.

This is a historical fiction novel based on the true story of Elisa Spaulding, whose family were missionaries to the Nez Pearce Indians. I’d heard of Marcus & Narcissa Whitman, who were martyred by the Indians, but didn’t remember hearing about this family, who were their contemporaries and fellow missionaries. Eliza was the daughter of Henry Spaulding. She experienced much trauma at the hands of the Indians through being held hostage. This book gives many interesting details about her life, and also tells about how her parents were missionaries, how they were led to this calling, and more.
Very well written, I enjoyed it greatly!


The Noble Servant by Melanie Dickerson

Here’s my review as I posted on Amazon:

Another fabulous ‘fairy tale’ novel by Melanie Dickerson!
This is a sweet story, the retelling of the goose girl fairy tale.
In spite of the fact that this is a teen book, I enjoyed it!

The details, the setting, the characters, I liked it all!
If you enjoy fairy tales, then give it a try!

I’ve read numerous others of her fairy tale books. This is not my preferred reading genre/style, but I did enjoy them, nonetheless. Ideally, I’d love to read any/all the books that my daughters are reading, but yeah….that’s impossible. These books are specifically written for teens, and are geared in that way. Previously, my oldest daughter (14) read some of her books, but I actually gave this one to my 11 year old to read after I had it finished. She’s my daughter that most is in to fairy-tale-type stories right now. (princess, or whatever you want to call it…) She thoroughly enjoyed the book. Before she started reading, I warned her that there was some romance included. I think it’s safe to assume that it wasn’t too much as to bother her.


True to You by Becky Wade

From Amazon: This is a delightful book, a FUN read! I started reading, and could not lay it down–kept on reading until the very end!
Delightful characters. Realistic plot, humor, a bit of mystery, and of course the romance.
I thought I had the story all figured out, but there was an interesting and unexpected twist at the end.

When I am looking for a light Christian fiction romance, I will definitely be turning to more from Becky Wade!

Yes, I do recommend it, it is “light reading” as I noted above. It’s the kind of book that I’d turn to when I don’t want to read anything that requires much deep thinking.


and one more

Weaver’s Needle by Robin Caroll

I found a new author in my favorite genre!
This book kept me turning pages and sitting on my seat until the very last page, I loved it!
It has all the elements I love in Christian fiction–suspense, mystery, and a little romance.
An ancient treasure map, Indian folklore, and more.
Landry is a former Army MP and is now a Recovery Specialist. Nickolai is a former police officer turned detective. They are put into competition against each other as they race to find a missing map that they hope will lead them to a long lost gold mine.
As it becomes obvious that someone is trying to scare them off their case, they turn to each other for help in solving this puzzle.

If you enjoy Christian suspense, then you won’t regret reading this one!

This is probably the book I enjoyed the most from all these I’m sharing today. Mystery/suspense is still my favorite. Christian mysteries are even better, the story line is well written without having all the gory details that are sometimes included in mainstream/secular mysteries.

One thing that I’m also doing, that is new for me, is a reading challenge. I found this one online:, and thought it sounded very interesting. Thankfully it goes through the end of this calendar year, so it gives me some time to read my quota.

You may wonder when I find time to do all this reading….like I said, it’s only in bits and pieces, in this time of my life. And summertime is not necessarily the easiest time to find those moments. I like to read a chapter or two in the evening, as a way to wind down before going to bed. Sometimes over lunch, if I happen to be sitting at the table after the girls have eaten, then I can read a chapter. And Sunday afternoons/evenings at home…that gives time to relax with a book too….although lately those have been a bit scarce. 🙂

We’ve had plenty of eventful happenings going on around here recently, with our extended families, and more. Some joyous, some painful. It’s hard to know just what to say. Sometimes I find it easier to take time to focus on the lighter things in life, like reading and doing book reviews, as a way to regroup and cope with the heavy things in life!

Happy summer!