Rainy Tuesday

It’s Tuesday.

It’s rainy. But wait…it’s been that way almost every day recently.

I love the green grass the rain brings. So unusual for here, in July, I mean.

This morning was a bean-pickin’ day. Picking beans doesn’t rank very highly on my list of favorite things to do. Picking beans in the mud, well that’s a whole different ball game. Step, plant foot, pick beans, trrrry to lift foot, step to new spot. And you get the picture.

I’m trying to get summer things done, and also start thinking ahead a month to school. I am excited about some new things we will be incorporating this year. Since last year was the first year of homeschooling, I am hoping this year we will have a much smoother transition into schooling.

In the meantime, we still have a few places to go and people to see. The next month and a half will go by very quickly, I do believe.




It’s Monday.

Cloudy, rainy.

kind of how I feel after a weekend of family vacation.

the past almost two weeks have been fun, but full & crazy.

my sis-in-law, along with 3 of her kids, from out of state were here, so we spent lots of time with family. I love seeing the girls have so much fun playing with their cousins, all 15 of them. 😉

Now, today feels like….um, can’t quite think of the word I want, that slowing down after times of craziness. like coasting into a valley from the trek up & down a mountain. the excitement is gone. but it’s good to feel a bit lazy.

trying to keep the girls from being bored, after non-stop fun. and they’d much rather be playing with cousins than doing ANYthing at home. 😉 Although, I greatly enjoyed seeing the four of them having a good time playing together this morning.

happy monday!