2018 Reading Challenge

I’m going to try something new! Yes, as the title says, a Reading Challenge.


I don’t know where I’ve been, maybe these have been around for awhile, and I just missed it. What I do know is that I saw one last summer, and decided to try for it, and found it intriguing and stretching. It got me to read books I might not have read otherwise, in hopes of filling all the categories.

I’m going to kinda figure this out as we go along, but I think I’ll just have this for the entire year. I hope to post updates about this periodically, maybe monthly, or quarterly… (If it feels like it’s too easy to have this for the entire year, I might end it after June and start a new one…)

There are 26 categories, which means a book in one of these categories every two weeks.

I’d like to offer a prize at the end, hoping that there will be participants that hit every category. I’m not quite sure yet how this all will work. I think there will be different prize levels. I’d like to say there will be some kind of prize for everyone that participates. (Unless I end up with too many participants, then I will have to do a drawing from all participants) For example – doing 10 categories put you to one prize level, and then 20 another, and then if you get all 26, that would be the top prize. Like I said, I’m kind of learning as I go!

These categories are not necessarily original with me. I did a search for reading challenges, and then picked through them, added a few of my own, trying to come up with a list that sounds interesting and challenging to me. 🙂

Please leave a comment to join this challenge! And then we’ll stay in touch throughout the year, do updates, etc.

Thanks so much for joining me in this challenge, I look forward to seeing all the books that get listed!!

7 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenge”

  1. I’ll try it! I’m definitely related to you…I think the love for reading is in the Hershberger blood! In the last 4-5 years I haven’t taken much time for reading as it felt like teaching school took up too much time…well…I did read stuff to study and prep for lessons but not much just “pleasure” reading. I find that it lowers my stress level when I do take time, at least occasionally, to read a book just because. So here’s to a new year and a new list of books! Thanks for the challenge!

  2. This looks like a challenge I’d like to try. I think at least some of your love of reading must come from the Beachy side of the family too, though, since that is how I love to relax. Do a reading challenge will give me some structure to my reading.

    Now, I have to ask a question about the challenge…Does each category have to have a different title or can the same book be used in several categories. For example, a book published this year, with more than 500 pages, based on a true story. Just had to throw in that question!

    1. Hmm…good question! 🙂 Obviously there will be those books that could fit under more than one category. I think I’ll leave it that a book can only be counted under one category…that way you have the challenge of reading more books! 😉 Not saying that you couldn’t move a book from one category to another, later, if you happen to read another book that would fit in the first category.

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