first line friday

First Line Friday

Hi! It’s Friday!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve joined in on one of these ‘first line Fridays’…so I thought I’d do it today!

Here’s my first line for today:

He’d never killed a woman in cold blood before, but now was as good a time as any.

Wow! Now how’s that for a first line?! Now you see why I want to be sitting around reading today!! I knew it would be this way. You see, I’ve had this book laying here, waiting for me, for several days now. I just knew the minute I cracked open the cover and read the first page, I’d want to be a shirker and neglect everything else…so I’ve resisted temptation and left it there. But…now the weekend is here. And although we’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us, maybe I’ll have a chance to read a snatch here and there… 😉

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you…

The book it’s from is

Storm Rising by Ronie Kendig


and the book blurb

Mentioned in the pages of the Septuagint but lost to history, the Book of the Wars has resurfaced, and its pages hold secrets–and dangers–never before seen on earth.

Tasked with capturing the ancient text, former Navy SEAL Leif Metcalfe is finally given command of his own team. But their best efforts are ruined when a notorious Bulgarian operative known as “Viorica” snatches the volume right out from under them.

Iskra “Viorica” Todorova is determined to use the book to secure the thing that matters most–freedom. But a series of strange storms erupts around the globe and the coming dangers foretold in the text threaten crops, lives–entire nations. Though both are haunted by secrets of the past and neither trusts the other, Leif and Iskra must form an uneasy alliance to thwart impending disaster. However, the truth hidden in two-
thousand-year-old words could unleash the storm of their own destruction.


Ronie Kendig has long been a favorite author of mine. Her last series was really good, “The Tox Files” and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book… 🙂


Your turn! Grab the book nearest you and post the first line in the comments!
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14 thoughts on “First Line Friday”

  1. My first line is from No Ocean Too Wide by Carrie Turansky. It came out a few days ago!
    London 1909
    Katie McAlister’s heart pounded a frantic beat as she gripped the rickety railing and rushed down the back stairs.
    Great historical book!

  2. I haven’t read any of Ronie’s books yet but I have a copy of this one coming in the mail so I’ll be changing that very soon!

    Today on my blog I shared the first 2 lines from Until the Mountains Fall by Connilyn Cossette but it’s also my current read so I’ll share the first line from chapter 7 where I am now: “I found my father on the roof, on his knees.” It’s amazing so far! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with plenty of quality reading time 🙂

  3. Ronie Kendig is popular this week!

    I’m sharing the opening line from The Secret to Hummingbird Cake by Celeste Fletcher McHale over on my blog today, and I’m currently reading Wickedly Charming by Kristine Grayson. I clicked “buy” on the first line of the sample:

    “Book Fair. The very words of the sign filled Mellie with loathing. Book Fair indeed. More like Book Unfair.”

    Quirky, and it appeals to my sense of humour. I’m halfway through and loving it! Happy reading 🙂

  4. I’ve heard great things about this book!

    Today I’m sharing on my blog the first line from The Cowboy’s Convenient Marriage by Valerie Comer.

    Spencer Haviland had prided himself on planning his life to the tiniest detail.

  5. It sounds like a suspenseful read. I’m sorry I’m so late this week in participating. Life has just been a bit crazy, but good. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

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