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Book Review – Like a Christmas Dream

Like a Christmas Dream by Lindsay Harrel

“Follow your dreams” is not her family’s motto.

But this Christmas, Sarah’s doing the unthinkable—defying her wealthy parents.

Instead of fulfilling expected holiday obligations, she visits a quaint English village to help her estranged sister open her dream bakery. And yes, Sarah fully expects things to be awkward between them.

What she doesn’t expect?

Michael Hammett.

The charming British photographer challenges her perspective in more ways than one. Maybe, just maybe, she can choose a life outside of her parents’ control.

But when her father threatens the thing Sarah cares about most, will her newfound perspective be enough—or will living life on her own terms always be a distant dream?

You’ll adore this faith-filled romance, because everyone likes a heartwarming tale of sisterhood and love that can be enjoyed all year long.

Get it now.


The Port Willis Romance collection is a spinoff from Lindsay Harrel’s novel The Secrets of Paper and Ink. Each story can stand alone, but you may wish to read them in order as characters carry through.

Book 1: Like a Winter Snow
Book 2: Like a Christmas Dream

My Thoughts

Port Willis is becoming a favorite fictional small town of mine. I love the idea of visiting England (hope to make it an actual happening someday), so this little town is always fun to visit.
Sarah has a hard spot in life. She’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Always trying to please her father and keep him happy, which means living a career at his high powered firm, so he keeps supporting her favorite non-profit organization where she is fulfilling her real calling.
Then she decides to go visit her sister in England and help her open her bakery.

This is a novella, so all romance happens rather quickly. It does seem like a rather likely possibility that she will follow in the footsteps of her sister and fall in love while abroad…

Not only is this story sweet and romantic, it also has an important truth for all of us. We are all loved because of who we are, not who we (try to) please. True love is not based on conditions.

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