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Book Review – On the cliffs of Foxglove Manor

On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor

by Jaime Jo Wright

About the book

Adria Fontaine has been sent to recover goods her father pirated on the Great Lakes during the war. But when she arrives at Foxglove Manor–a stone house on a cliff overlooking Lake Superior–Adria senses wickedness hovering over the property. The mistress of Foxglove is an eccentric and seemingly cruel old woman who has filled her house with dangerous secrets, ones that may cost Adria her life. 

Present day. 
Kailey Gibson is a new nurse’s aide at a senior home in a renovated old stone manor. Kidnapped as a child, she has nothing but locked-up memories of secrets and death, overshadowed by the chilling promise from her abductors that they would return. When the residents of Foxglove start sharing stories of whispers in the night, hidden treasure, and a love willing to kill, it becomes clear this home is far from a haven. She’ll have to risk it all to banish the past’s demons, including her own.

My Thoughts

Wow! Another Jaime Jo Wright stunning masterpiece novel!
Foxglove Manor sits beside Lake Superior, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
A secluded, lonely, and rather eerie place.
Adria Fontaine, the heroine of the 1885 timeline, arrives there because she was sent away by her father. He wants her to locate what he claims as his missing treasure, goods he pirated away during the Civil War days. Finding this treasure is her only chance at freedom. But she has no idea where to begin or even what she’s looking for.
Then there’s Kailey Gibson, the modern day heroine. She returns to Foxglove, where some of her most awful childhood memories originated. You see, she was kidnapped for a day, and then allowed to return home. Only her autistic brother Jude believed her when she explained what happened.
She’s determined to find answers and get rid of those terrible nightmares hanging over her.
Woven throughout with deep, dark secrets, appearances from a young ghost girl presumed to be Lucy Miranda, this spooky story is definitely not one you want to read at bedtime!
Fascinating, intriguing, touching, and so much more. This story is very well written and kept me glued to its pages from the very first page to the final sentence.
I don’t especially like ghostly stories, but I knew from past experience that Jaime Jo Wright has a way of weaving them in to a story and having it all make sense when you finally reach the conclusion…and that is definitely what happens in this story.
The mystery, the way it all ties together, I found very fascinating. The shores of Lake Superior are the last place you would expect to find much to do with the Civil War, but intriguingly enough, it had a huge affect on this locale.
If you enjoy historical suspense, then you definitely will NOT want to miss this one!
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