Books and more books…

I wanted to share this picture. This is what I’m dealing with right now…all these books!! 🙂 This is the books I’ve received for free this year…from authors…I didn’t really realize the extent of it until I began stacking them together. Most of these are ones that I got in exchange for doing an honest review. After I snapped the picture, I realized that I happened to include a few that I received through giveaways. I also realized that I didn’t get quite all of them included. And of course there are also a few others that I’ve already given away through this blog.

I’m realizing that I have to use more care in what I all I sign up for–I have quickly allowed myself to get sucked in to this wonderful ‘job’ of writing reviews so that I can have the privilege of reading more wonderful books! I find myself almost addicted to this. 😦 Even though I love to read, I am discovering there is a limit…as much as I’d like to read for a full-time job (and I’m convinced the possibility is very real!! 🙂 ), real life keeps going on. I have other work, other projects that cannot wait. Not the least is 7 dresses that need to be sewn in the next month. 🙂 I keep going by doing one day at a time. And reading snippets here and there as I find time. (I’m blessed that I’ve been gifted the ability to read a book quickly…)001


Because of this stack of books, I will be doing a few more  posts about books in the near future. 😉 I can’t wait to tell you about them! We are so blessed to live in an age when so many people are using their talents in this way, sharing their mastery of words with us. The world of Christian books–both fiction and nonfiction–is overflowing with many great books to be read!!

Tomorrow I will be sharing about a book that has been so…charming..refreshing…fragrantly joyful…and yes, there WILL be a book giveaway!! 🙂


And…a reminder…we still have the stencil giveaway open through this evening! comment on this blog post to be entered.


1 thought on “Books and more books…”

  1. Not quite sure what I’d do with a stencil,something for art, maybe…but, I do want to let you know I really enjoy your blog! Keep writing and giving stuff away,- especially books!

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